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Cartoons for Messages


How can a cartoon image be useful for providing messages and information in a business, educational setting, or professional organisations? Aren’t they just fun pictures to provide a laugh or lighten a situation? Well yes, that is one side of cartoons. But there are many invaluable ways cartoons can be incorporated by organisations in their…

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950 Workshops and Counting

Easy Cartoon Drawing Lessons School and Online Schools Comic Express

As of the middle of 2020 Phil has completed 950 cartoon workshops. All of these have been an average of an hour and a half and with a number between 30 to 50 attendees in each workshop. This accumulates to 1000’s of people he has taught, and over 1000 hours of teaching time. Phil has…

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Who Can Use Graphic Recordings?


Graphic Recordings are a useful medium in a live context for anyone who wishes to capture the content in a different way. The difference a Graphic Recording brings to an event is that rather than just using words, and slideshows, it can help visually capture key points and the ensuing conversation. It breaks complex messages…

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