Cartoon Club

Welcome to the Comic Express Cartoon Club.


On this page you will find information and free fun lessons on how to draw all sorts of cool stuff. A lot of these are from or similar to the workshops that Comic Express holds over the school holidays.

Feel free to download the step by step lessons and try them for yourselves. Click on the images to pop up the lesson.
Alternatively why not right click on the image below and select 'save target' and save it to your computer to print out.

 Why not contact us and let us know what you enjoyed about the lessons, what sorts of things you like to draw or would like to learn to draw.

Keep coming back to see what sorts of new stuff is here and learn the fun of drawing cartoons.


This is a monster we created quickly using the drawing lessons and ideas from the Monsters workshops taught by Comic Express. Try copying it step by step, and then using the steps to create your own monster. It's easy! Download the pdf


Tough Dog

This Tough Dog was created in less than 30 minutes using the step by step drawing methods taught in the 'Pets' workshop.

Click here or on the image to download a free 'How to' sheet to follow the steps and learn how to draw him. Then have a go at using the steps to create your own Tough Dog using different body shape, eyes, ears, and tail.